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Why is my KYC document rejected?
Why is my KYC document rejected?

Common identity verification issues

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  1. The document ID/Selfie is taken from the device screen or old photograph.
    A verification tool will detect an attempt of biometric forgery in case the selfie is taken from an old photograph or other device screens. When taking your selfie/ID pictures following the Veriff guide, make sure to take a photo of the physical ID document/selfie.

  2. A key detail is not readable on your ID card such as your name, photo, complete date of birth, and the ID's date of issue. Make sure your ID card is without damage and all text & numbers are clearly readable.

  3. Duplicate account. Keep in mind that you are allowed to have only one customer account.

  4. Document expired.

  5. The document is not a government-issued ID.

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