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Affiliate Program

Learn everything about our affiliate program, commission, referred users and marketing material

Updated over a week ago offers a very detailed and elaborate Affiliate system, and you can make use of it to gain some extra tokens for yourself simply by referring other players to our Social Casino.

But first, you need to create an affiliate campaign and your own campaign code. By default, the first campaign is created automatically, but you can make more in case you wish to personalize them and use them for different purposes.

All you need to do is go to the Affiliate page and then click on Campaigns.

After you do that, just click on "Create New Campaign" and enter the desired campaign name, code, and postback URL (optional).

After you've successfully created an affiliate campaign, now is the time to share your affiliate link with other people. Where do you want to share that and how do you want to invite other people to our site, we leave that to you.

Our standard commission is 10% of the house edge and if the house edge is 1%, that means you will earn 0.05% of every play your referrals make. If the house edge is 2%, you will make 0.1% of every play, and so on. Both winning and losing plays are counted in this system.

Of course, once we notice that you are bringing a lot of people to our site, we will make it worth your while by increasing your affiliate commission percentage and perhaps adding some extra benefits to yourself and your future affiliates as well. πŸ˜‰

When it comes to marketing materials, you can find everything here:

If you need anything clarified or explained further, feel free to contact our Support team at any time.

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