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Verifying game results
Verifying game results

How to verify results in Stake Original games

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In this article we'll explain how you can verify results in our Stake Original games that use the Provably Fair system. Note that third party games don't use this system, so you can't verify results in the same way.

To start with this, first you need to open the game ID which you wish to verify and get the details that are used for verification.

Your recent 1000 game IDs are available here.

Verification can be done on this page on our platform:

Alternatively, you can do the same process on other third party sites such as this one -

There are other sites still that are independently developed, and you can find them through a simple Google Search. That might offer more reassurance in the whole system. πŸ˜‰

How do I exactly do this?

All you need to do is choose the correct game on the verifier, input your server seed, client seed and nonce, and then the verifier will show results of the game in question.

Let's use this game ID as an example - house:7261859049. Details outlined are the ones that have to be used in the verifier in order to get the correct results.

This shows us that the dice roll generated using these details is 84.10, which matches the game ID itself.

What does this actually mean?

This means that the results are generated using the server seed used in this round, and using the client seed that you as the player inputted.

Since server seed is generated ahead of time, and the player is setting the client seed of their choice, that ensures that results are fair and impossible to manipulate.

Common problems and mistakes:

By a large margin main problem is that the wrong details are used in the verifier (Hashed server seed for example) and that's why results don't match.

While you're playing, only the Hashed version of the server seed is shown. This is done to prevent players from being able to see the results in advance through the verifier and in that way cheat the system. 😎

The actual server seed has to be used, and that is only shown after you rotate your seed pair. You can rotate your seed pair either on the game ID itself (assuming you have no unfinished games), or under the game module for any Stake Original game.

If you have any further questions and need additional help, feel free to contact our live support team. πŸ˜‰

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