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General Information is not a financial institution is not a financial institution
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As you may have already had the opportunity to explore, stands out as a Social Casino, offering a platform where you can indulge in gaming activities entirely free of charge.

It's essential to clarify that does not function as a financial institution. Consequently, any outstanding prizes on the platform do not accrue interest, and it's imperative to refrain from treating as a financial entity, in accordance with our Terms of Service.

Given its non - financial nature, refrains from providing advice on matters related to taxation and legal considerations. Customers seeking guidance on these subjects are strongly encouraged to engage with appropriate advisors who specialize in tax and legal matters.

Our dedicated support team, while committed to assisting with platform - related inquiries, is not composed of trained professionals in the realms of tax and legal advisory.

Again, it's important to note that, at its core, is designed to offer a pleasurable and secure environment for online gaming within the rules of our Social Casino. 😎

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