Why do I need to verify?
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Ever wondered why we ask for verification? Let's clear that up for you! โฌ‡

We're a Social Casino, offering a space where users can enjoy free of charge online gaming.

However, we operate within the legal frameworks of states that permit Social Casino platforms. Not every state falls under this category, so to prevent misuse, we need to ensure that our customers come from the allowed states, steering clear of those where our services aren't legally permitted.

Now, onto reason number two - minors. To maintain a responsible gaming environment, we must ensure that our platform is off - limits to those below 21. We're all about promoting responsible gameplay.

To enforce these standards and keep things fun and secure, we've implemented a verification system. Rest assured, the information you share with us is kept completely safe. We go the extra mile to guard our users' identities, prioritizing security above all else.

So, with verification, you get to be socially responsible, stay safe, and, of course, have a blast on our fun - filled site.

Sounds like a good idea, donโ€™t you agree? ๐Ÿ˜„

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