VIP club - overview
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We are delighted to introduce our exclusive VIP club tailored for our most dedicated patrons. At, we take pride in our renowned VIP program, a hallmark of our standing as a Social Casino.

As you progress through our VIP levels, you'll discover a cascade of escalating bonuses and benefits designed to elevate your gaming experience. It's essential to understand that the playthrough requirements are carefully implemented to showcase your potential before unlocking the full spectrum of VIP privileges.πŸ‘‘

This meticulous approach ensures that every player enjoys an optimized experience, and deserving individuals receive the utmost benefits. Without further ado, here are the distinguished ranks along with the corresponding requirements:

Bronze: 10,000 SC / 2 billion GC

Silver: 50,000 SC / 10 billion GC

Gold: 100,000 SC / 20 billion GC

Platinum: 250,000 SC / 50 billion GC

Platinum II: 500,000 SC / 100 billion GC

Platinum III: 1,000,000 SC / 200 billion GC

Platinum IV: 2,500,000 SC / 500 billion GC

Platinum V: 5,000,000 SC / 1 trillion GC

Platinum VI: 10,000,000 SC / 2 trillion GC

Diamond: 25,000,000 SC / 5 trillion GC

Diamond II: 50,000,000 SC / 10 trillion GC

Diamond III: 100,000,000 SC / 20 trillion GC

Diamond IV: 250,000,000 SC / 50 trillion GC

Diamond V: 500,000,000 SC / 100 trillion GC

Obsidian: 1,000,000,000 SC / 200 trillion GC
As for the VIP progress, playing through 200k GC is equal to playing through 1 SC.

We invite you to embark on this rewarding journey with, where excellence meets entertainment.✨

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