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Why is my purchase taking ages to be credited?
Why is my purchase taking ages to be credited?
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So, crypto transactions take time due to a process called confirmation.

When you make a purchase, network nodes need to validate the transaction. Factors like network congestion and transaction fees can affect the speed. It's a bit like waiting in line - sometimes it takes a while.

Basically, when you initiate a crypto transaction, it goes into a pool of unconfirmed transactions. Miners then pick up these transactions and include them in a block. The time it takes for this process depends on various factors, such as network traffic and transaction fees, as mentioned above. Higher fees may incentivize miners to prioritize your transaction.

Once your transaction is included in a block, it gets confirmed, and your purchase will be credited. So, delays can occur during the confirmation process, influenced by these network dynamics. Our support team can’t affect any of those factors sadly, as they depend on the network entirely :/

So, if you've opted for a lower transaction fee, your transaction might take longer to get picked up - and higher fees usually result in faster flow. Additionally, during peak times, when many transactions are happening, the network can get congested, causing delays. It's like navigating through traffic. Sometimes, it's smooth; other times, it's a bit slow.

Hope this sheds more light on the way purchases and such transactions generally function 🤞

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