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Two-Factor Authentication (2FA)
Two-Factor Authentication (2FA)

Securing your account with 2FA

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Two-Factor Authentication is an extra layer of security used to help prevent unwanted or illegal access to your account. Where traditionally you can login to an account with simply a username and a password, this extra level of protection lets you add an additional security step to your login process by requesting a randomized code from a linked mobile device you own.

When you have setup 2FA on your account, this also extends the additional security step to redemptions, and any other protocol which you can use to send funds, primarily for your own protection.

To start this process, you’ll need to install either Authy (recommended) or Google Authenticator on your chosen device. You can then head over to your Settings > Security page to link your device with your account by either copying the string provided into the 2FA app or simply using the QR Code shown. From there, you will be required to enter the code generated on the app into the form on your security settings page.

It is very important that you DON'T share your QR Code or the string provided with anyone else, or they may be able to get access to your account.

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