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Controlling Visibility and Sharing
Controlling Visibility and Sharing
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Managing Visibility and Sharing in the realm of online security is all about taking control of what information is accessible to others on digital platforms and how that information is shared. At, we empower you to tailor your visibility preferences, ensuring that your online presence aligns with your comfort level and privacy concerns.

Here's how you can customize your preferences:

Accessing Preferences:

Navigate to the 'Account' tab, then go to 'Settings,' and finally select 'Preferences.'

Ensuring Anonymity:

At, safeguarding your security and privacy is paramount. These settings provide you with the ability to remain completely anonymous within our community.

Ghost Mode:

Enable Ghost Mode to ensure that your gaming activities remain discreet. Your games won't be visible in the public feed or game previews, offering you a heightened level of privacy.

Hidden Statistics:

Tailor your profile further by choosing to hide all your gaming statistics. This includes the overall state of your account, and other relevant data, shielding your gaming performance from the view of other users.

Race Statistics Protection:

Opt to hide all your race statistics as well, ensuring that other users won't have access to specific details about your performance in races.

By exploring and configuring these preferences in the 'Visibility and Sharing' or Preferences section as we like to call it - you have the flexibility to curate your online presence in a way that suits your preferences.

We believe in giving you the tools to enjoy your gaming experience while prioritizing your security and privacy.

Feel free to explore these settings at your convenience, and if you have any questions or need assistance, our support team is always happy to help. πŸ™

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