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Redemption progress
Redemption progress

Stake cash rollover requirement.

Updated over a week ago

For every amount of Stake Cash that you receive as a bonus alongside your purchase of Gold coins, you would need to play it through at least 3x over before redemption is available.

So only Stake cash received alongside your purchase would have a rollover.

Here is an appropriate example:

If you purchase Gold coins and receive 10 Stake cash as a bonus, you are required to play through with at least 30 Stake cash before redemptions are available.

After you complete the rollover you are free to redeem prizes with those funds, however if you, in the meantime, receive more SC alongside a new purchase Redemption section will still be locked until that amount of SC is played through 3X.

You can always track the progress of the SC rollover in your Redemption section until it is completed.

If you have further questions, feel free to contact our support team.

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