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Why did my friend receive this bonus, but I didn’t?
Why did my friend receive this bonus, but I didn’t?
Updated over a week ago

Hey there! Wondering why you missed out on some of our email promos? No worries, let's break it down for you as best as we can! 👌

Well, our Marketing Team rolls out a bunch of promo emails with different criteria for who's in. Basically, it's up to them, and you might've just missed some checkboxes. 😢

Another thing - maybe you opted out of our newsletter before, so no promo emails are landing in your inbox. Hit up our live support, and we'll sort it out. ✉️

If you've taken a Break in Play or Self Exclusion, we won't bug you with promos during that time. We're all about giving you a gaming free zone during your break!

How to switch things up for the future?

Stay a bit active, and you should be in the loop for those bonuses. Of course, keep it cool and enjoy the responsible gameplay.

As for other promos, there's no secret recipe to guarantee eligibility, unfortunately.

But hey, we're always cooking up new and exciting offers. So, fingers crossed, our Marketing Team will surprise you with something cool down the line. 🎉

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