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Forgotten password
Forgotten password

How to reset your password

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Forgotten password? No worries, we got you.

In case your account was opened using a username and password:

If you have simply forgotten your password, but have linked an email to your account, you can easily reset your password through the Forgot Password form. Once there, you will need to enter the email you have verified on your account, and within minutes, a recovery email will arrive. You will just need to click on the link and set a new password.

Here's another way how to change the password if you have access to the email linked to your account: First, go to the site and click on the Sign In option:

Afterward, click on the option Forgot password:

You will get the following option:

You are supposed to insert the email linked to your account there.

Once you do so, you should receive an email to change your password to the email linked to your account on

Accounts made using a Facebook/Google account do not have the option to have the password changed as they are not accessed using one. For such users, changing their Facebook/Google account password is needed.

Our support team is there for you in case of an issue. Don’t hesitate to reach out. ⚡

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