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How can I find my Game ID
How can I find my Game ID

Locating the ID of your unique plays made.

Updated over a week ago

In some instances, in order to troubleshoot issues or check your complaint, support will ask you to provide the Game ID. Each play that you make has a unique ID that's stored on our platform.

You can check the steps below and locate the required Game ID.

Go to your Account from the top right side:

This will open a page where you can see your past 1000 plays made, and display 10 per page. All plays beyond that point are archived, and can be found in the Game Archive tab instead.

In order to locate the Game ID, all you need to do is click on the ID itself which will open a preview of your play, with all details available. Afterwards, you can copy the ID itself and paste it in the support ticket for our team to check.

Alternatively, if you know the ID and wish to open it, you can do so in the public chatroom by using the "/game Game ID" command.

If you need any further help about any of this, you can always contact us via live support. Our team is available 24/7 for you. 😎

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